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Porcel-Thin® Porcelain Tiles

Porcel-Thin® Porcelain Tiles

Welcome to the genius of Porcel-Thin® - the stunning large format lightweight porcelain tile that combines amazing strength with unparalleled style.

At FEET International, we are the sole importer and distributor of these innovative ultra-thin tiles that come in a comprehensive range of textures, colours and finishes.  The brilliant Porcel-Thin has quickly become the option of choice for interior and exterior projects in both domestic and commercial environments.  But what makes Porcel-Thin such a versatile product?

When handling Porcel-Thin, you are immediately struck by its size and light weight. At only 4.8mm thick, Porcel-Thin tiles are under half the thickness of normal porcelain tiles and this ultra-thin profile results in a corresponding reduction in weight.   This enables a standard 1200 x 600mm production format, meaning that one Porcel-Thin tile has the same coverage as 8 conventional 300x300mm tiles.  For the tiling contractor, this facilitates quicker coverage, significantly fewer grout lines and faster completion times. 

The unique thinness of Porcel-Thin comes without any sacrifice in strength and these impressive tiles are durable, extremely strong and will not fade, crack or deform.  Conformity tests show that Porcel-Thin has a water absorption factor well below the industry norm, which increases resistance to dirt and maintains a cleaner surface.  The advanced production technology also allows Porcel-Thin to be produced without a reinforced mesh backing, which overcomes the adhesion problems associated with some mesh backed porcelain products.

Using Porcel-Thin also assists with achieving new levels of good practice in sustainable design. The Porcel-Thin production process uses just 40% of the minerals required for standard porcelain tiles, uses 40% less energy and halves solid and carbon emissions. As a consequence, Porcel-Thin makes a significant contribution to increasing the green footprint of any project.

Our normal stock level of Porcel-Thin exceeds 20,000m2.   Porcel-Thin is currently available in 9 collections which include over 135 styles in plain and patterned, stone and wood grain effects with choices of polished, matt and high grip finishes.  In addition to the standard and 1200x600mm format, Porcel-Thin is now available in 1800x900mm and in the Mona Lisa Collection, 900x900mm.


Porcel-Thin ART Tile Collection

A stunning collection of digitally printed ultra thin porcelain tiles

Porcel-Thin EPHESUS tile collection

Stylish reproductions of granite on large format ultra-thin porcelain tiles

Porcel-Thin FERRARA tile collection

The luxury of marble combined with the strength and practicality of a large format porcelain tile

Porcel-Thin MONA LISA tile collection

A collection of stone effect, patterned and plain tiles available in ultra large 1800 x 900mm and 900 x 900mm formats

Porcel-Thin LISBON tile collection

The shimmering finish of burnished metal beautifully reproduced on a large format 1200 x600mm porcelain tile

Porcel-Thin MILANO tile collection

A collection of sandstone effect large format and ultra-thin 1200 x 600mm porcelain tiles

Porcel-Thin PARIS tile collection

PARIS is a collection of five distinctly rich and elegant hues with a range of complementary patterns and designs

Porcel-Thin PATTAYA tile collection

The warmth of wood grain cleverly reproduced on large format 12000 x 600mm ultra-thin porcelain wall and floor tiles

Porcel-Thin TOSCA tile collection

Concrete look large format 1200 x 600mm ultra-thin porcelain tiles for walls and floors

Porcel-Thin 3D SHADOW Tile Collection

Stunning 3D printed porcelain tiles capturing the detail and beauty of Onyx stone