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Design trends for bathrooms in 2015 part 1

Bathroom and interior designs are going explode with exciting new ideas this year. From colour to texture and materials, we look at the themes set to be at the forefront of stylish, modern bathrooms in 2015.

Contemporary finishes

Chrome is staying strong as a popular choice for fixtures and lighting in 2015, while classic finishes will be making a comeback. We’ll see oil-rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, copper and brass featuring prominently, along with stylish matte and metallic effects.

Tile and wallpaper patterns will be big and bold, with statement feature pieces including photographic imagery, art and abstract prints being seen on both floors and walls.

A world of colour

Beige will be a thing of the past, as this year brings bright, vivid colours into chic bathroom designs. Jewel and fruit themes will see shades of lemon, lime and tangerine offering a bold and classy statement, while the more subtle hues of smoky greys and pastels will perfectly embrace the natural materials of wood and stone.

Shades of marine, indigo and denim-inspired blue will also be a ‘must have’ for the most fashionable designs, while clean, sophisticated white will still be a prominent classic.

Natural beauty

Delectable themes of wood, stone and leather will bring warmth and tranquillity to any sized bathroom. The exceptional beauty of these earthy tones will be the number-one choice, surpassing the high-gloss alternatives that have dominated bathroom and interior designs for so long.

From shower trays to work tops, from furniture to tiles, we’ll see stunning wood, stone and leather sitting proudly in 2015’s most elegant bathrooms – and with so many stone and wood-effect options available, this on-trend delight is accessible to everyone, with the added bonus of being lower maintenance than the real thing.

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LISBON Silver Metallic textured large format ultra thin porcelain tile by Porcel Thin
Bold printed porcelain tiles from the Porcel Thin ART Collection
Fiora COLOURS large freestanding bathroom vanity unit and mirror in Pistachio green colour with matching SILEX wash basin
Porcel-Thin Jurassic Vein black and grey marble effect thin porcelain tiles